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Clovis Durand-Moldawan is an award-winning fashion and still-life photographer known for his innovative approach to image in both studio and on-location. He loves to use strong lighting and his approach to colors sign his creative solutions.

French photographer Clovis Durand-Moldawan’s work was heavily influenced by the imagery of his childhood in the 1980s and by his father's work, illustrator. After 15 years in communication consulting, where he developed his aesthetic sensibility and learned to understand and anticipate the needs of his clients, he started a new career as a photographer in 2017 .

Clovis, currently lives in Bordeaux and has a permanent office in Paris to stay close to his clients. As a fashion, beauty and still life photographer he has successfully worked for local, national and international brands, marketing agencies and has been published in several magazines.

In addition to his commercial work, Clovis continues to explore new topics and techniques through personal projects that he continues to lead with his team.

Publications : Scorpio Jin, Vulkan, VGXW, Surreal Beauty, Prolific Quarterly, Elléments Magazine, MUA Club, Salysé, Féroce, Solis, MLM, Dark Beauty Mag, Institute Magazine, ModellenLand...

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